If you have any questions not answered below,  or any feedback or suggestions,  email highburyjumble@gmail.com

Are there recommended prices for items?

No, that is up to you.  At school fairs we have previously had quite bargain prices,  eg 20p for a book.  The lower,  the more easily things will sell,  but for special items you may want to charge more. 

What sells well?

Allegedly,  womens' clothes,  childrens' toys in good condition

What if I live outside the central area,  but still want to take part?

We are keeping it simple and local this time,  but do get in touch in case there is enough interest for a bigger event in the future

I don't have much stuff to sell. Is it still worth taking part?

Yes;  you might also consider teaming up with a friend or neighbour

No amount is too little or too great

What happens to unsold stuff at the end of the sale?

It is the responsibility of the seller