Highbury Jumble 2023

Back by popular demand,   accompanying  street party on Lower Highbury Hill

                                                      12noon-  4pm,    Sunday 7th May 2023

Want to reduce your carbon footprint by buying second hand, shopping locally, and support local charities at the same time?  Join Highbury's new Jumble Trail: make money, have fun, and help the planet. 

This year, residents of Highbury Hill are holding a street party ,  and jumble trail at the same time.  So come for tea and cake,  or come to bag a bargain,  or if you live locally,  clear out your clutter  .  Stalls will be just local,  (section of Highbury Hill below Aubert Park,  extending to Gillespie Road area if there is interest.  

Sign up here , for the jumble trail, and get friends and neighbours to join you. Buyers are much more likely to visit a group of stalls clumped together, so if you want to sell more and have more fun, get your local community involved!

If you are interested in helping out at the jumble, or have any questions, please contact us.

The "Big Coronation Lunch"  will also be on from 12 until 4,  on Sunday 7th.  This is a street party . The road will be closed to traffic (same lowest section of Highbury Hill).  Residents will be bringing out tables,  chairs,  food and drink to share.  Cash donations to local food banks welcome.   Games areas.  All welcome.   If you want to hear more about the lunch,  or can help with setting up,  contact here 

St Thomas's Church , on St Thomas's road,  is open both on Saturday and on Sunday.  On Saturday there will be a large screen livestream of the coronation,  food and drink,  children's activities , crown competition .More detail here   On Sunday they will be open 12.30 to 4pm,  selling light refreshments,  with jumble stall also

Hope to see you there !  

How to take part in the jumble trail

Purple =  jumble zone.      Orange = street party